Updating schema

Updating schema#

A specific version of the schema here is downloaded when access_nri_intake.source is first imported. This schema is used to validated Intake-ESM datastore entries. Similarly a specific version of the schema here is downloaded when access_nri_intake.catalog is first imported and this is used to validate intake-dataframe-catalog entries.

Schema can be updated by updating the file(s) at ACCESS-NRI/schema and editing the appropriate SCHEMA_URL path(s) in access_nri_intake.source.__init__ and access_nri_intake.catalog.__init__. A hash for the updated schema files is also required (as SCHEMA_HASH). The easiest way to update this is to first set SCHEMA_HASH to None. The updated hash will then be printed to screen when the sub-package is imported and this can be copied and pasted across.


Translators are schema-specific. Certain updates to the schema may require that Translators need to be rewritten and potentially other source code changes.