Adding datastores to the catalog

Adding datastores to the catalog#

Adding your datastore to the ACCESS-NRI catalog is an easy way to make your data findable and useable by others in the community. If you’ve created an Intake-ESM datastore for your data using one of the access-nri-intake Builders, then it should be trivial to add it to the catalog. In addition to your functioning datastore, all that’s required is a file called metadata.yaml containing core high-level metadata describing your data - see the section on metadata.yaml files.

Submitting a data request#

Please open a catalog data request here. Please don’t feel like you need to have a datastore and metadata.yaml ready before submitting a request - we’re happy to help you through the process.


Datastores don’t have to have been created by access-nri-intake Builders in order to be added to the catalog. If you have an Intake-ESM datastore (or indeed another type of Intake source) that you think should be in the catalog, please open a catalog data request.