Contributing documentation

Contributing documentation#

Adding documentation is always helpful. This may include:

  • Extending or clarifying existing documentation. Have you perhaps found something unclear?

  • Adding examples of the ACCESS-NRI catalog being used for real analyses

  • Improving docstrings e.g. by adding examples

This documentation is written in reStructuredText. You can follow the conventions in already written documents. Some helpful guides can be found here and here.

Contributions to documentation should be submitted via pull requests to the access-nri-intake core repository. Follow the steps in the Contributing code section, replacing step 3 with the following:

$ conda env create -f docs/environment-doc.yml
$ conda activate access-nri-intake-doc

The documentation is built and uploaded to readthedocs automatically when changes are pushed to GitHub. When writing and editing documentation, it can be useful to see the resulting build without having to push to Github. You can build the documentation locally by running:

$ cd docs/
$ make html

This will build the documentation locally in doc/_build/. You can then open _build/html/index.html in your web browser to view the documentation.