The authoritative source code for access-nri-intake can be found in the src/ directory of ACCESS-NRI/access-nri-intake-catalog. This GitHub repo also includes configuration files (in config/) that are used by access-nri-intake to create the ACCESS-NRI catalog, and some command- line scripts (in bin/) for doing various catalog-related tasks.

High-level structure of access-nri-intake#

The access-nri-intake package contains three sub-packages:

  • access_nri_intake.source contains Builders and supporting tools for creating Intake-ESM datastores from ACCESS model output.

  • access_nri_intake.catalog contains tools to build intake-dataframe-catalogs of Intake-ESM datastores, including Translators for translating metadata in source datastores to be compatible with the catalog schema.

  • access_nri_intake.data is an Intake catalog data package for the ACCESS-NRI catalog files on Gadi. This is registered as a entry in Intake’s cat sub-package when access-nri-intake is installed, making opening the catalog as easy as:

    import intake
    cat = intake.cat.access_nri

More detailed documentation of access-nri-intake source code is provided in the following sections.


The schema used by access-nri-intake to validate entries used in an intake-dataframe-catalog can be found at ACCESS-NRI/schema. At the moment, these are simple jsonschema describing the required and expected metadata and their allowable types and fields. These schema are downloaded locally the first time access_nri_intake sub-packages are imported. Details are provided in the following sections.


Because the schema are downloaded, network access must be available to import access-nri-intake for the first time after installing a new version.