Contributing code

Contributing code#

Documentation of the code that supports the ACCESS-NRI catalog and how it fits together can be found in the Catalog management section. Contributions to code are welcome.

If you’d like to contribute code, please start by opening an issue here describing what you would like to contribute and why. Repo maintainers might discuss the issue with you a little and then invite you to submit a “pull request”.

Submitting pull requests#

Code contributions are handled through “pull requests” on GitHub. The following describes how to go about making your contributions and submitting a pull request.

  1. Fork this respository.

  2. Clone your fork locally, connect your repository to the upstream (main project), and create a branch to work on. It’s good practice to include the issue number of the issue that motivated your pull request at the start of your branch name:

    $ git clone
    $ cd access-nri-intake-catalog
    $ git remote add upstream
    $ git checkout -b <issue#_description> main


    The above assumes that you have ssh keys set up to access GitHub. If you don’t, replace with

  3. Install access-nri-intake’s dependencies into a new conda environment:

    $ conda env create -f ci/environment-3.11.yml
    $ conda activate access-nri-intake-test
  4. Install access-nri-intake using the editable flag (meaning any changes you make to the package will be reflected directly in your environment without having to reinstall):

    $ pip install --no-deps -e .
  5. This project uses ruff for linting and black to format code . We use pre-commit to ensure these have been run. Please set up commit hooks by running the following. This will mean that ruff and black are run whenever you make a commit:

    pre-commit install

    You can also run pre-commit manually at any point to format your code:

    pre-commit run --all-files
  6. Start making and committing your edits, including adding docstrings to functions, updating the documentation where appropriate, and adding unit tests to check that your contributions are doing what they’re suppose to. Please try to follow numpydoc style for docstrings. To run the test suite:

    pytest .
  7. Once you are happy with your contribution, go here and open a new pull request to merge your branch of your fork with the main branch of the base.